Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Girl At The Party Strikes Again

A perfect night of friends, amazing food, good talk, a-lotta laughs, and toasted coconut ice cream.
Watching Charles & Tara's apartment take flight right in front of our eyes has been a design dream come to life.  I've never wanted to move from our apartment to another I've seen in SF, but if we had to, I'd want it to be to here...  They pick up vintage furniture the way RK and I do:  don't know if we need it, but we've got to have it and, dammit, we'll find a place for it!

For lots more visuals head over, virtual style, to First Girl at the Party.


Bluebird Shop said...

Molly - your blog is such a source of inspiration. I love the world through your eyes. And "First Girl at the Party" is perfect. I love it.

Karafina said...

I looooooooooove your new blog!!!!