Tuesday, February 16, 2010

found again

This find seemed timely.
It was just today that I was thinking back to the day I had my bag stolen out from under me while I was at a Kinko's copy machine.
I guy was standing nearby with a huge duffle bag and I looked the other way to find my copies come out and woosh! it was gone.  He wasn't though.  He stood there and watched me freak out.  I remember him watching me and thinking it's in his duffle bag.  But it wasn't until we watched the security tape, and he was long gone, that it was confirmed.
I never saw him again.
The cops told me to take a walk around the neighborhood because often these guys, once they realize your bag is full of stuff they don't need, they start tossing stuff out as they walk.  So, I walked around and around the East Village that day and never found a thing.  The only thing that ever came back to me, months later, was an empty (save for my i.d.) black leather wallet sent through the postal service by some unknown good samaritan.

So, things that went missing?
Lots and lots of negatives that had just been taken of me.

They were head shots, specifically.  And they were probably a little wacky.  I had just shaved my head and I think for some of the poses I was in a lampshade.  I don't totally remember.  It was New York, I was young, it was a crazy time.
But, as I was walking home from work today I had the memory and wondered where those photos ever ended up?  So, while this was a good find for the story, I just don't have time to go through every one of these lost photos.

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