Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arrêtez le monde, je veux descendre !

A great old phrase comes to mind and I, for some reason, always picture Sammy Davis Jr* saying it:   'stop the world, i wanna get off'.

There's this little theory I'm working on...and I'm really struggling here:
did days used to be longer? I mean, when I was younger, were there actually more hours in a day?

24 hours in a day NOW mean about 5, plus the 7 (give or take) I get for sleep most nights.

So, let's make it an even 12.  Fine.
Still, that is half the amount of time in a day I used to have in my life.  When, it's got to be said, I was younger.

I'm not yet calling it fact, but there must be something to it.  Everyone around me feels the same way, says the same thing.  Everyone, that is, but my 6 year old students who groan, when is this day gonna be ohhhhver?  and anyone under 30 who bouncily adds,  last night I went dancing, and then I came home and did a painting, and tomorrow I have a gig.
Where the hell are they getting so many of these hours in a day?! be wasted or used, depending on age...

It's true, I do have a mighty list going at all times and each day I feel like I want to achieve everything on the list, which is impossible, so I'm willing to give it some time, but, inevitably, I end up thinking/feeling/knowing there's not enough hours in the day and THAT is why I can never get it all done.

It's not that I'm saying I think February used to have 30 days (and yes, i know, sometimes it has 29), but maybe I should be in touch with some scientist, or even Al Gore, to find out if in fact the world is spinning faster and therefore time really is zooming by unusually fast?

*(but, woofboy am i wrong about that Sammy reference!)


Maggie May said...

i think the more passionate we are about life the faster it seems to go by

which is why types like us need things like yoga, prayer, meditation

dig this chick said...

Agreed! It's nuts. I think it's because as we get older and more solid in our lives and less transient, we are constantly adding stuff. More friends, kid's activities and friends, deeper hobbies etc. Not much goes away. It all gets added to.

But still. Maybe Mr. Gore could enlighten us.

hobo soup said...

patsy cline sings a great song with that title. and the youtube video you linked to, how hot is the woman with polka dots? very.
I can't believe I used to sleep till 1 in the afternoon. are college kids depressed or something?

Anonymous said...