Thursday, May 26, 2011

Workshop Students and Good Ole Dad

I've been holding studio lessons for some of my old students and their siblings.  It's been interesting to have a kid's eye inside my studio.  Weird, but interesting:   The way they look at the  transfer letters, or the old german foil,  wanting to use the typewriter just for the sound.  It's been a kick for sure.  Sometimes the questions they ask really make me think through why I do what I do.  It can be frightening.

But the stuff they're coming out with has been good fun.
The other day, we started a little book for father's day.  They're 7 and 8 years old, so I asked them to each write out that number of things they loved about their dad (7&8).  They came up with some doozies.

They've been keeping very good track of each of their lists.  They've added and changed and crossed out and counted down.  And they actually found the same joy I get when realizing you can make a missing letter out of other transfer letters:  theres no more 'y's left but i can make one out of the 'v' and the 'L'. wow! Yes, girls, it's true, transfer letters are completely rad and no longer made.

They'll finish up the books next week, just before father's day and I already like thinking about their dad's reaction:  It's a great appreciation of dad-ness.


Rose Brier Studio said...

I love kids' art. I found a father's day card my daughter made for her dad -- like your students, it lists the things she likes about him. Maybe we should all do that for our dads this year!

golriz said...

these notes are so lovely! my favorite is 'i like your a good magicion' :)

Adie Andrews said...

All of them are so inspiring :) Truelly the paper letters idea and the gold parts are my favorite.

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Bonbon Oiseau said...

THese ARE INCROYABLE!!!!! You are so inspiring! I love reading backwards--missed too much...