Monday, May 9, 2011

shoes, socks, and one hundred million dollars: the usual stuff




Body Heat

Valley Girl

Some super cheesy, some super violent, some just super brilliant: 
Having television has shown me that, if I have the time, I'll watch almost any movie again. 
Of course, there has to be that something there the first time, for it to be a multiple repeat. 

All of the above movies I've seen multiple times.

And today, with hours of card folding & button-making in front of me, Cliffhanger is the one I come across out of a long list of free movies on tv (there's this thing called 'on demand' and i'm not really sure how many people have this thing...but we suddenly have it, it's weird). 
Every single time I see the opening of Cliffhanger, I sweat. 
My feet even sweat.  And I absolutely, positively know what happens. 
And, though you probably can't believe it now, watching Sly Stalone as a lead roll is actually pretty great.  Not to mention, John Lithgow is truly an incredibly grotesque bad guy.

Witness, the same thing happens.  The anxiety of what's going to happen (i KNOW what happens, almost word for word), the intensity of all the twists and turns and almost caught-ness.  Plus, the added bonus of remembering a time, before the earring, Harrison Ford was the ultimate:  John (heartbeat) Book.  The George Clooney of his time. 
And don't even think about interrupting me during the barn building scene.

Heat:  A ridiculously violent movie.  With three great actors, before they became caricatures.  Every time I watch it, I cry. 

Body Heat stars William Hurt.
Say no more.

And Valley Girl is a staple of my youth. 

This is a completely inconclusive list, mind you.


Christina said...

awesome. adding the ones i haven't seen to my queue. i don't have that demand things sadly.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Oh, what a cool list, especially William Hurt.

I'd kind of forgotten Valley Girl, which I think is like totally sad, if only for Nicholas Cage!

Hope the card folding and the bottom making went well!