Tuesday, May 17, 2011

post-card, now art

Every year there's a show held called The Postcard Show.  Each artist is given a small, rectangular box and can put whatever work they'd like in there, as long as it fits the dimension.  I've done the show for a few years and I usually just sell my cards.  But,  it's an interesting challenge to see what people come up with, in multiples.  There can be up to two hundred artists showing and it's a lot of work to get through, both good and bad.  One of the more interesting ones this year caught my eye for it's utter absurdity and hysterical banality (my highest praise).  I read through each and every one but had to settle on just these few.  I love them so much!  And I promised myself I would not just hang on to them like interesting little talismans left on my desk, but would send them out into the world.  To people I know would appreciate the weirdness of it all.

My big thanks to Emily Tareila, who made these juicy bits of goodness!
I only have two left and don't know yet where they will go.
Or, maybe I can convince myself it's okay to keep just two more little talismans in my life.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

i love the hell outta these...

dig this chick said...

love those and your sense of style.

keep a few