Wednesday, May 11, 2011

man's best friend, indeed

The people we've met in the dog park, our dog-people, are turning out to be some of our closest friends. We all find ourselves somewhat surprised about it. But it can't be denied. We spend every morning together. When someone isn't there, he or she is asked after. We know what most everyone does for work, their marital status, and what they do for fun on their weekends. Many of us have been to each other's houses, with the dogs, just to hang out.

From an outsider's view, it might appear curious to see this big group gather in the park, first thing in the AM. We don't move much, so you know we're not exercising. There are no balloons, so it can't be a party. On closer look, one can see we are absolutely surrounded by dogs of all sorts. And perhaps notice that we will then spend the next one to two hours (sunny days and weekends? even longer) talking about life, our dogs, our dogs issues, our dogs achievements, our dogs wants and needs, our dogs pains and moments of joy. We also talk a lot about what our dogs would sound like if they had voices.

When I see videos like this, I know we are not the only ones.

merci, rk: who, i sometimes think, shows me these things just to watch me cry with laughter.

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