Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Choices We Make

Whenever a new year of my students meet RK for the first time, they always kinda gasp,
You're married to him?!
i explain, remember when you asked me if i had a 'husband' and i said yes? remember?

This time when he walked in for the first time, Miss P. introduced him as Mr. Molly

It's just that they're seeing it, for real, for the first time. Kids believe what you tell them and then they forget all about it. Not always, and not all stuff, but stuff like your married teacher who just seems like an entity unto herself, trust me, that's forgettable.

It always reminds me of the story my mom told me from when she was a Kindergarten teacher. It was lunch time and mom decided to stay in the classroom and eat her sandwich in peace. One of the kids ran into the classroom to grab a jacket and looked at the teacher with wide eyes,

"You eat, Miss Carey?!"

So, when RK, the real thing you'd only sorta wondered about for a minute or less, the husband, came into our 1st grade room the other day, all heads were turned and there were lots of questions.

Right after the Q & A session, I turned to leave and heard a little taunting session start to burbling up from E. It cracked me up the way he sing-sang,

"you have a crush on him, you have a crush on him"

and pointed at RK. I turned around, and all the other kids thought ooooooohhhh, E. is gonna get it for teasing! (which is a fairly mortal sin at our school) and I said, in my most giddy voice,

"You are so right, E. I really, really do!"

and I put my hand over my heart and swooned to great effect. The rest of the kids lost it and I peeked out at E.'s response and, I swear, he had a fake scowl on his face, his arms crossed over his chest, you could almost hear the 'harrummphh!' in his throat, but with a tiny smile at the edge of his lips.

When we got out to the hallway, the level of modeling that had just gone on struck me pretty hard.

A little later, when RK was setting up the projector for me, M. looked at him but asked me,

"what does he do?"

which prompted me to ask the three girls that were left in the room what they think they'll do when they grow up.
G. answered,

"ah artist

and when D. started in on her answer of,

"ah scientist that... "

G. interrupted her and added,

"but not just any artist. Ah sculptor."

Oh, okay,
D. started up again,

"ah scientist that mixes together acid and (something else weird) and sees what happens

Then I turned to M. who said, in a very calm voice,

"I want to be ah scientist....ah artist... and, I was gonna say spy, but that's boring."

?!" I asked, shocked, "What's boring about being a spy? That's super exciting...I would think you'd love that, M!"

"Nah, she says, then you can't tell anyone what you do."

What a good point.

One of the best moments of that day was having RK stand near me while I wrote on the board and talked to the kids and did what I do as a teacher. Someone outside the teacher world saw it, and it became real.


Maggie May said...

this is delightful.

Anonymous said...

....such a fun reminder of my kindergarten teaching long ago....Mom

comfies said...

hey, i saw it too! and i'll never forget it. you're the funnest, most comfortable, most joyful teacher EVER.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I remember seeing my teacher in the grocery store, buying toliet paper! Shocking to think!

There is something magical that happens when someone you love is near you when you are doing the thing you love. In fact I can't think of anything better.

Wonderful, wonderful!

lotta said...

kids are wonderful, and so is your way of telling their stories. Glad you and Mr. Molly had a great time in class.

Ellen Zachos said...

I've seen it too, Moll; you're a natural and very very real.

Kerri Lynne said...

awe, how cute! i love your blog. every story just reinstates more why i'm in school to become a teacher :)

kira said...

"you EAT, ms. carey??!" is my new favorite revelation EVAHHHHH.