Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's Your Handle?

When we were kids, my parents, siblings and I seemed somewhat obsessed with cb radios.    It wasn't that I understood the technology any more than I would today.  To me, it was the next magic step up from two cans and a string, or a walkie-talkie that let you walk to the end of the street.  Our big thrill back in the day, in the back of the VW bus, was the flip sign.  And though I can't seem to find an iota of proof that these existed (perhaps my brethren or parents will back me up), a flip sign* was an oval shaped paddle with a handle and pad of paper that had very clear statements or questions:   Wave!  Where are you going?  Haven't I seen you before? (a really funny one on long road trips).   We were into the idea of being out there on the open road, everybody going somewhere, getting to the next story.  We also watched quite a bit of BJ and The Bear when we could.  Trucking seemed as romantic as any world-wide travel.

I'm often incredibly nostalgic for the tiniest thing.  So, when I came across these CB calling cards, which I'd never been exposed to before, I nearly shed a tear.  Of course truckers, husbands and wifes, had their own calling cards!  I knew it!  That open road IS as romantic as I'd fantasized!  It's so something of the past.
Remember when?  Oh, those were the days.  Wouldn't it be nice...

*fun fact update:  the flip sign did exist! but it's all sold out now.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Hey Good Buddy!

This was a total flashback, the CB, truckers - a whole different way of communicating. I had no idea about the calling cards, but these are amazing. I love Joe and Barbara's the best.

Putting the hammer down, you holler back now!

(obviously watched my share of BJ, too!)

Rose Brier Studio said...

I drove across country, many times, in a VW bus with my sweetie. I knew about CB's, but sadly, Sebastian (don't all VW buses get named?) had no CB. He didn't even have a radio.

I love these cards, had no idea they existed! You find the most amazing things!

Anonymous said...

Priceless!! If you feel compelled to lighten your trove of these..., CALL ME! You know my 20. My sister's 60th is coming up and few of these would help make the trick!
10-4, OX, Hol

Anonymous said...

And this is to confirm that the 'Flip sign' did in fact exist! I do remember! Hol