Wednesday, March 30, 2011

rem·i·nisce/ˌreməˈnis/Verb: Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.

Our home-based dig into the past continues, as we attempt to condense, purge, rid ourselves of, and generally re-organize our random files-of-whatever and our boxes-of-this & that in our combined office.  It's a huge job and it takes years, as it turns out.  We need to ponder, we need to share, we need to reminisce out-loud through every detail.  We lived 29 years without each other, there's still some things to cover.

With piles of stuff, comes a gem or two.
Ten years ago, a simple graphic could stop me in my tracks.  It's all I needed to start a little card line eventually called 8mm ideas.  Little vintage gum wrappers, saved by the bundle, were the front runners in simple graphic design.  On the back of each card was the yellowed wrapper that held the gum, totally intact, and my little handstamp ~8mm~ in black ink.  And I'm sure the sayings didn't hurt one bit:   It's Pink!  A Very Delicious Confection!  ...peculiar and lasting flavor... the 'glass of lemonade' theory.
These, I found myself sharing, were my very first cards sold in the old French General shop.


Tiny Dancer said...

Dance on. I want some Lemonade gum . . but does it comply with the pure food law?

such wonderful graphics.

Anonymous said...

You're driving me crazy!! I missed this amazing collection on 8mm, you won't find these again... ;-) Hol