Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Story Behind The Story

These days, it seems every other week I get lost in the fantasy of selling everything we own, putting the heirlooms in storage, buying one of these


and saying goodbye to the life of day to day.  Thus, making day to day a totally unknown kind of day to day.  Meeting all new people, having all new adventures, seeing new bands, climbing new mountains, making beautiful, short documentaries, finding more birds, watching Stella run through new fields. 

Nothing's making us stay in one place,
there are no limits here but mine.
It's the thought of not having an everyday life,
a daily community to commune with,
the neighbors that are looking out for us like family,
this is what keeps me here. 
Why, then, do I constantly wish to run off? 

Someday I think, nay, I hope that RK will wake up in the morning, turn to me (and stella, i must admit, who's sleeping there between us) and say

that's it.  we're going.  it's settled.  pack a bag!

but, I know me (and RK knows me waaay too well)  and I know I will go through the list of all the reasons it might not work, I will question if we aren't working towards something by staying in one place, I'll wonder if that something isn't the very thing we're not doing, and we'll talk about all the places we'd like to travel to one day and how we'll deck out the inside of an airstream.

As a love letter to RK, my roundabout way of telling him I feel for him, I'm on his side and we most likely will continue this fornever ending discussion/fantasy/bigtalk of becoming true roadsters, I give you:  Concertina,

It's a gamble, but there's a place out there, it'll give us an entirely new index to the story of our life, where it is, I'm not sure how we'll decide, but let's get out there, out beyond ideas of right and wrong.

At least that's my story.
I'll be interested in hearing the others at the Accordion Book Workshop I'm teaching in April.  It's one of the great things about teaching these workshops,  at least a glimpse of everyone's story eventually comes out on the page.


Christina said...

Love that book. I'd miss you but I'd be so excited to hear about your adventures.

Rose Brier Studio said...

I love stories! Wish I could be there in April to hear, share and make!

Sylvie said...

It's a lovely dream book. We are in fact in the midst of putting our heirlooms into storage. Next stop the Italian countryside. I should make an accordion book to slip momentos into as I go along...
I love what you do :)