Friday, April 18, 2008

The Warp and The Weft has arrived!

I'm currently visiting LA. But it never really feels like "visiting" so much as coming home. Most of my family lives here, or in surrounding areas, so I always stay with family. If I go to my parents, I'm in the house I grew up, which can't be beat for 'going home again'. And if I go to my sister's, it's truly a second home. It always has been; whether we're living in upstate New York, or downtown Manhattan, or an apartment in Los Feliz, my sister, Kaari, knows how to make you feel totally, 100% at home. Mi Casa es Su Casa should be printed on her doorstep. Step inside her home and you're offered a drink, a meal and do you need a bathing suit?, there's an extra one in the closet. Her sense of style, her amazing collections, her ability to gather an old desk, a vintage day bed and a beautiful antique chair and make a room feel like the old country, is amazing. She owns a great shop in Hollywood where her sense of style is broadcast to the world (though, for some, a bit too quietly: there's no real hours, but they're open on Fridays now). She's written books and done the occasional magazine interview, but the latest and greatest news is the one where she's brought herself into the current day. My excitement about creating an Etsy shop was equal to, if not surpassed by, the fact that Kaari is finally blogging. Now, those of us who can't actually live in her home, we can finally live in her world. For more than a few short sentences, a good number of great ideas, and some fantastic photos, you're transported into Kaari's thought process. I, for one, am thrilled about it. Even though I talk to her on a weekly basis, I'm still happily surprised by the posts. Even my mom, who was sitting right there with my sister and me today, in the shop, turned to the computer to read her blog!
I know most people are probably inundated with how many blogs they feel the need to keep up with....but, I'd still like to suggest one more to add to the list, The Warp and The Weft. You won't be sorry you did. And if you call me to see if you can come stay with us next time we're headed 'home', I won't be surprised...


comfies said...

i'm so glad your sister started a blog. i love seeing the inner workings of a creative mind. it's too much fun. xo.

Kaari Marie said...

Thanks for the great plug Moll - now will you move already!!!