Friday, April 25, 2008

See life

My neice, Sofia, was in town visiting a couple of weekends ago and it was no holds-barred! What do you want to do Sofia? Anything you want! Anything! Wanna go to the moon? Maybe I can get tickets. Wanna hire a private jet to see Alcatraz from above? Suuuuuurrrre. Why not? I wanted to give her the world!

Really, I was ready for anything, any requests or demands on sites and scenes! But, instead of having big ideas in her head or demanding cotton candy while riding a seal at Pier 39, she was up for anything that came our way and was okay with everything that did and didn't happen and was easy going all the way through. She never complained or asked for more or something different. It was like being with the dream 10 year old.
We hit up fisherman's wharf: every inch of the Aquarium, the Arcade, ate fish & chips, pigged out on ice cream, and stood watching for ages, in awe, the seals at Pier 39. When we got home that night, we ordered pizza and rented Pretty in Pink. She liked the movie, but when I asked her if she thought it was a bit dated...I could see she didn't want to hurt my feelings (I'd already regaled her with stories of my childhood love for this movie, molly ringwald, ducky, all things pink, and on and well as shedding a few tears watching it this time around, and no, i'm not embarrassed... i LOVE this movie!!!), she looked at me from the corner of her eye and said, "um, dated? i guess, a little". I wouldn't blame her for wondering how those people ever became actors. Let's face it, Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald ain't your classic beautys of the Disney channel, which she's addicted to. I even made her sit through all the special features and she didn't make a peep. Was she bored? Tired? Probably deathly so! Good ole Sofia...

For me, it was a dream weekend. I love hanging out with Sofia and always have. I feel like I've grown up with her at the same time that I feel like she might just outgrow me someday...but, as long as she'll have me, I'll take her anywhere she wants to go and show her all the greats, including Sixteen Candles.

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Kaari Marie said...

Hey!!!! I had a great time with you to molly! I love you sooooooo... much! Talk to you later!
Love, Sofia z.