Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guess who's gone etsy?

I'm old fashioned.
I like writing with pencil versus pen.
I prefer typing on an old typewriter to a keyboard.
I like picking up an object in my hand instead of just seeing it online.
I like the old dial phones. Even better, I'd vote to go back to a party line where you just had to pick up the handle and yell, "Operator! Get me...."
I long for the days of old.

But, I live in the here and now. And in the here and now there are lots and lots of opportunities to spread the love on this little ole thing they call the internet.

Let me be brief--we can pull out the sparklers and beer later--I've opened an ETSY shop!!
I'm excited. I'm exhausted. I'm glad it's there. I'm happy to be a part of the future.
Operator! Get me Etsy!


Christina said...

welcome to the future!! so glad you're on there now. xo

billy girl said...


Yeah Mol! I cannot wait to shop . . . once I leave this remark! Congrats and yes, welcome. I'll phone you soon to tell you with my very own voice. Better yet, let's save a high five and raise an actual glass once I see your sweetest face!


donny laundry said...

happy birthday, mol!

sorry i missed the party. busy as a pump handle these days. i like yer blog.


comfies said...

that's the cutest announcement EVER. congratulations. yay for you. yay for etsy.

ashley rose helvey said...

Hey! YAY! Now I can actually buy a piece from you! I have been stuck in MV because my car broke down... now I can just order one! That's kind of crazy though huh? No, I would rather buy one in person I think... I'm old fashion that way too, especially when you live 20 minutes away :)

my love for you. said...

looks so good molly!
love everything on there.