Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I heard it on the radio

I listen to a lot of radio on the web.
On any given day, I click onto one of my faves and am entertained for hours on end:
and KCRW,
Kitchen Radio,
Little Radio,
and Radio David Byrne....and a lot more.

But, today, on KCRW, is a day of silence. They are doing a special to highlight the Internet Radio Equality Act. Without this act, webcasters that stream music (to keep the rest of us happy all day long) "will soon face greatly-increased fees for streaming music on their stations." Those fees will be retroactive to 2006. It could make a number of them file for bankruptcy or just plain shut down. For those of us who depend on these stations for music, news and a link to the outside world, it'll be more than just a darn shame.

{I'm currently listening to Kitchen Radio and am in heaven...this is just a good ole dj, sittin in her kitchen, spinning the discs, scratches and all...and doin' it well)

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