Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I can say I knew her when...

My niece made this awesome piece. She gave us one while we were down in LA for her birthday (note the limited series in the lower left hand corner, she's not handing these out to just anyone!). She's been taking a lot of cool classes on a lot of sorta old school techniques, this one being screen printing. As with most amazing things she creates, she was very nonchalant whilst handing it over to us.

"Hey, Molly, I have something for you guys."

"OH, SOFIA! I love it! Thank you. You know what? I love the color orange and we love carrots, too! So, that works out really well..."

Sofia lets out a big sigh and a sort of roll-of-the-eyes and says, "Gawd, I'm so glad you know what they are. Some people thought they were flaming pizza slices."

I suppose, if you're thinking pizza...there is a slight resemblance, but I think the big smiles and high five arms give it away as carrots immediately.
Pizza never shows that much emotion.

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stringbeanjean said...

yeah, i knew it was carrots right away. pizza would be all lethargic.

nice to meet you molly.