Monday, June 18, 2007

Good old fashioned post!

Last week I walked out of my apartment and just wanted to look in the mailbox on my way out. I LOVE getting mail. I love seeing my name or RK's name or one of our last names, lovingly hand-written on an envelope, package, or postcard. LOVE it! But, on that day, when I opened the box, there was nuthin but junk mail. Boo-hoo. I thought about it for a few blocks, actually, and it reminded me of the patch I bought from modern times bookstore just last weekend: the moment I saw it (that's it above), I knew I had to have it. I have no problem making that kind of statement on my chest! (it is soon to be sewn on to a tshirt, at a little craft night i'm gonna have at T's)
Gosh dangit, I believe in the USPS! Well, at least I believe in the power of mail. It's not always true that you'll get a letter if you write a letter--and in this case, I'd like to quote the Rolling Stones when they say, "You can't always get what you want
but if you try sometimes, well you might find you get what you need".
And if that ain't the, no more pondering on junk mail and bills, I need to stop my complaining and check out the bounty that has arrived in my postbox over the last few weeks--just beautiful!
Before I headed out to NYC for the show, my sister, Kaari, thought I might need a boost and sent me some really juicy postcards from an artist named Pam Garrison. It was a gorgeous package to match the beautiful work inside. She hand painted the entire envelope and it blew my mind!

Then, last week, totally out of the blue, I got this package from Melissa, who is packing up her big ole apartment to move to Dumbo and I made her swear not to just toss anything out. She did not disappoint a basic postal envelope filled to the brim with all these goodies! I love notebooks, too and this should keep me in good steed for awhile. Thanks, Melissa!

Just yesterday, I got back from a fantastic weekend in Ojai with RK and there were two big envelopes, totally decorated, as well, addressed to little ole moi! One was from Christina, who has sent me many, many things in the mail (she loves a bit o' the ole mail as well)and inside were multiple goodies. Some juicy little paper bits and things she'd bought in NYC and some Sukie sticki-notes I just plain love!
Thanks, T!!!

And the other envelope I'd received this day was from a great girl I met in SF when I first moved here. We were both volunteers for 826Valencia and it just clicked: our little walks and bike rides and finding unusual things around the city. She was the first person to introduce me to the magical, secret-seeming South Parkneighborhood downtown. In her decorated envelope were pages from a book she'd found about horse-riding. They're beautiful old, worn pages that feel like a brown paper bag and my favorite part is the dedication. She writes,
"To My Husband
Who Remained Patient, Amiable and Encouraging
in the Face of a Hectic Home Life
During the Writing of This Book"
(all caps are hers)
Celine said she'd hoped I'd find some material to use in these pages, and I just know I will.

And a promise here and now, never to complain about an empty mailbox, because you never know what might be winging it's way towards your very address!

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