Saturday, May 12, 2007

Let's get ready to.....OPEN!

We have Open Studios this weekend in the Mission and so RK and I have just been reving up for it. It's our first one. We're excited, but also facing the idea of a whole night and then two full days sitting in the studio waiting for validation, um, could be a little nightmarish. We shall see!

RK put up a whole bunch of his photographs and I'm putting up everything I've ever done practically. I didn't realize how little I had ready (ooch!), but I think the space looks really good. One of the best bits is this little metal swinging bench we got from Thrift Town on our way up to the studio (a thrift store stop before you "get to work" is ALWAYS a good idea). In the background, you can kinda see my other two latest thrift store purchases: that wood frame with the pink inside and the juicy brass bird cage. LOVE EM! That's chip, kicking it on the couch, but mostly he was working hard, helping hang photos and drinkin the brewskis he (very thoughtfully) brought to the "artists."

I'll post more photos and stories during as the weekend moves along...

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