Tuesday, May 15, 2007


And Baker was a Wonder Dog.
He made me think of the upcoming circus i'm going to be taking part in this coming sunday in nyc: stationary show! And, no, i don't mean circus in that way.....oh, wait a sec... well, we can come back to that... but, i mean that meeting Baker the Wonder Dog got me thinking about, and getting excited for, the booth theme us sisters are going for. Kaari wanted to design the concept and there I ran, hand in hand, with her. My mom got in on it and my brother (which i'm sure, somewhere in there, means my pop, too); they both painted the big ole barker's sign that will hang at the edge of the booth clamoring, "8mm ideas presents Molly, the grand finale showing her works of wonder!" Slightly strange, it makes you wonder, it draws you in....non? And then you're in the booth and it's covered in fabulous old hemp panels with pockets filled with cards, and buttons, and fabric...you're in the tent, ladies and gentlemen!
Anyhooo, this is what we're going for. a circus, carny feel. and, i, for one, am lovin it!
We're giving out little souvenirs: an old brass number 8. for 8mmideas.
As you can see, i'm excited for the show.
Mind you, we might sit around and stare at only each other for the four days,
but we're aiming for a heck of a lot higher.

Ahhhh, BAKER!

*this seems like a good time to also mention that, while i'm away, i might not get to blogging. i usually take advantage of the 24 "extra" hours a day that nyc seems to give away.


RK said...

well, according to the study, looks like you can get TWENTY FIVE hours! so we expect blog from NYC! ;)

comfies said...

oh and also, it's great that you're getting a flickr account set up. it somehow works well with the whole blogging thing. but warning: it is ADDICTIVE. i have a favorites fetish happening!

Christina said...

see you in NY mu friend! can't wait to see the circus. xo

plantlady said...

MM...You're not just a good writer, I think you're a GREAT writer! Remember how you and Robin were going to write a book...when you were in about 4th grade? Well, this is even better! Love ya, Mol. I hope you have a fabulous show. M