Monday, May 14, 2007

Good Things Come in Threes

I have lots more photos and stories from Open Studios, but I'm working on putting up a flickr account and will put the photos up there and the stories here. But I really wanted to share about three other great things that happened last week.

1. RK and I went to this extremely cool show. The group that put it on, Scrap and Salvage, are actually the people behind the very first photo I used on this blog. Total coincidence. They did not disappoint. I can't tell you anything about the show (just like no one should have ever told you what happens in The Crying Game or the show De La Guarda) but if you're in san francisco, you should go. Oh wait, I can tell you this: they only do "site-specific" performances. The members of the group were walking by a neighborhood joint, Blue Space, popped their heads in and started to think. They thinked and they thunk and then they thinked some more and they came up with a true experience for the senses, based on the space provided. It was exciting and strange and wonderful. I was moved. Go with a friend. And sit on the opposite side of the table from each other... okay, I'll say no more!!

2. The night before we sat down to the Scrap and Salvage table, we sat down at Weird Fish's table. I like a good number of restaurants in this city...but, this particular one, well, it makes me feel like I'm in New York again...and, sometimes, that's just a fantastic feeling. It's tiny, tiny, tiny... the whole theme is mariner: sea blue-green walls, dark old wood, tables that look like they were rescued from the titanic (covered under glass, they're really large pieces of old tin ceiling), and just plain warm. The staff has always been friendly and funny. And the food is a whole lot o yumminess. I've eaten brunch, lunch and dinner here...and I made a statement that I could eat there every day. I've only felt that way about one other restaurant and that was in....wait for guessed it, NYC.

3. And, finally, the third great thing that came about was our third anniversary of K-boom! No, I don't listen to the radio station and I've never actually been to the K-boom! celebration, but since RK and I moved to SF we've never missed a K-boom! It's become a sort of ritual for us. I'd never heard of it until my friend, Shauna, asked me if I wanted to go to the K-boom! fireworks show at the piers when we first moved here three years ago. They play a bunch of great tunes, you might not otherwise be listening to on an average day, and set off fireworks to the beats of the songs. It sounds crazy, but it works perfectly! I'm not a big one for crowds, so I never did go...but I never forgot the K-boom! and, as it turned out, RK and I can see the fireworks perfectly from our fire-escape. We crank up the radio, singing along to "shiny, happy people" and "love shack" while we watch fireworks in the shapes of happy faces and hearts light up the sky. It's actually incredibly romantic! I never thought I'd say that about K-boom! (i've been told, it's actually pronounced KA-boom, like the sound of an explosion...but i'm gonna stick with k-boom, it's how i remember it best....)


Anonymous said...

Magical x3! - RK

comfies said...

i love how in one of the pictures the little firework looks a little blue (as in sad). and then in the next one, a bit tentative. ah, such is life. have oh-so-much-fun in new york.

molly said...

wow. comments are juicy.

rk, you rock the entirely full show.
comf, you're right on. that's exactly what they were like. emotional and life-like. we read stories in them.