Friday, April 27, 2012

Page A Day

I've been trying to give myself a healthy dose of work-work and creative-work.  So, with that in mind, I thought it would be good to do a 'page-a-day' type journal.  Carrying this small book back and forth with me to the studio, I had to convince myself I can do this wherever I am:  If I'm at home I use only the materials available to me and if I'm at the studio, the same thing applies.

No self-judgements, no tearing myself down if I don't like it.  In fact, no 'i like it' or 'i don't like it' comments to myself.  Just putting something down, trying to come to an open creative space.
I never do this, I always have a purpose or a conclusion that I must get to.  But, these days, my head is in so many places, trying to keep up with so many thoughts and feelings, I'd like to just plain enjoy using my hands, dipping into old paper and cutting up old photos, using materials I might not otherwise use.

I read somewhere that if you do something like this, work for yourself, imagery of your own personal use, you shouldn't necessarily show it to the public because this is where judgement comes in.  Other people comment on what you've done and then that sinks in.

But I'm interested in that part of it, too.  I'm interested in the challenge of keeping others thoughts at bay while I reach for my own goals and realize that we're not necessarily in this together, but alone in our work and our needs, wants, reaches.  I'm happy to share in the idea that we're all working towards something, but it actually feels stronger to think that we're each doing it the way we know how.  You are your own being, you must do/make/believe in the way that works for your own sanity.  Especially when it comes to something you're doing just for fun.  Gotta remember what 'just for fun' means and where it can take you.

(and then I get to tap into the fact that I've got some amazing friends who know me inside out and send me links to things on topic, mind you, on the very same day:  listen, laugh and learn.  it's the practice we take on)


fabriquefantastique said...

specially wonderful for jogging the memory when you get older. Though sometimes, looking at my old sketchbooks I wonder what the hell I was thinking.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Thanks, I'll be back for Louis CK. I recently arrived at the same place, a page a day, no expectations, no criticism and some of the pages do not display an ounce of creative soul. So it is. We run on parallel tracks; it may be the collective unconscious. But the call is out, for any of us who missed it the last time. xo

Tyn said...

being stuck in a work work mode, and a creative slump, I love seeing this. I think I need a weekend to get find my joy in making again.

Christina said...

I love the idea of this journal and just making to make with no judgement. I'd like to try that.