Monday, April 2, 2012

Applaud the Sunset

Recently our friends, C&T, went to Santorini for their honeymoon. They had lots of great stories on their return, but there was one that really struck me. 

Each day, in the early evening, the story goes, people would gather in the streets.  You could hear their laughter, see their beaming smiles.  The first evening it happened, our friends wondered if someone wasn't having a party that happened to spill onto the streets.  So many people, all facing the same direction.  As the hour passed and the sun began to lower itself into the horizon, our friends could hear soft 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' rising from the crowds.  And just as the sun dipped below the horizon and the sky changed it's hue, a roar of applause rang throughout the Santorini hills, bouncing off the walls and rooftops of the homes. 
Every single evening, these people gather to applaud the sunset.
IMG_7906 With all the things we could keep our eyes on these days, all the junk that's offered up on a daily basis from tv, movies and the internet, it seems many of us may have forgotten the very basic place to put our attention and our thanks.

You could applaud the sunset, the sunrise, the opening of a flower, the emerging of a new leaf.  The universe is already giving you a daily show, the least we can do is show our appreciation.

photos from c&t's honeymoon


Marylinn Kelly said...

A lovely story, thank you. We really can take joy from what some might call simple things. My brother wrote yesterday of the reappearance, after a few years' absence, of a garden creature (a quenda, in West Australia) who had not only grown to the size of a football but came and sat beside him, sitting up and eating with his front feet, seeming to recognize my brother as the one who saved him from predatory crows in his babyhood. And I'm listening to and watching the lime-colored wild parrots (like yours on Telegraph Hill) on the utility wires. Cheering the sunset. Of course.

Anonymous said...

I love this story about the community of neighbors who appreciate these huge moments! I'm just moving back into my house and I've already given the television I was given away! I want to live minimally and in the moment! My head already creates crazy; I don't need TV for that... Here's to sunsets!

Julie B.

Christina said...

Oh I love this so much. And those photos are beautiful.

sonia a. mascaro said...

So beautiful aplauding the sunset!
Great photos.

Anna and Gabby Venturini said...

I love this. It would be amazing to visit... beauty.

Jeni said...

what a lovely story. with so much war and hatred going on in this world. It's nice to know there are places like this that exist. Cooperatively rather than competitively.
Looks like a place I'll add to my bucket list ;) ~ thank you!