Thursday, March 22, 2012

To Marion

I got a box in the mail the other day addressed to "amazing molly".
That, alone, could have probably been enough for me for the whole week:  This box, the wonderful address.

But when I opened it, I saw two big bowed piles of old, fantastically old, from wedding to funeral, from birth to 22, family photos. 

And here's the crazy part of that:  They weren't my family.
{Seems I've become known for being someone who loves the old stuff.  The old photos even more.}
They all belonged to a woman I know only through the world of blog;  yet my mother and I both agree, this is someone we would really, really like.  We love, love, love her blog, can't get over the way she's able to so clearly express, we love her comments on this blog, mom even comments to me on her comments.  
And the dichotomy?/irony? of knowing someone only in this wi-fi computer-database (blah erg um computer stuff, technology, mybad, high tech, blah, blech)  day and age, contrasted with the US Postal Service, mailed-to-me, bound and unusual, singular and downright spectacular, physical proof of her history makes the whole thing all that more fantabulous.  What a freakin strange, and sometimes ridiculously wonderful world we live in.

It's a pretty powerful stack of photos, so many of which will be posted each day on Other People's Lives over the next two weeks.  Someday I'm going to publish a little glossy of the most unusual or quaint photos that speak to me, out of the thousand's I now happily own & insanely love, and I know will only grow larger over the years (seeaddiction: evidence no.1evidence no.2evidence no.3).

So, if I may,
an internet shout-out to my friend, Marion, through the internet waves and over the years, you are most definitely someone my mother and I still strongly agree, this is someone we're lucky to know we would really, really like....


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I get all worked up about how much time we all spend on this here world wide interweb.It feels like so much of out time get sucked up by looking in a screen.

Yet, finding and falling in love with your blog, then falling in love with your work, your dog, you, made me see that maybe looking into this screen is maybe not such a bad thing!

I was honored to be able to share these pictures with you. I know they found a great home.

I am the lucky one!

Anna and Gabby Venturini said...

I really enjoyed reading this story! I love old pics as well, and the history behind them.