Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We just shake hands at meeting
with many that come nigh;
we nod the head in greeting
to many that go by, --
But welcome through the gateway
our few old friends and true;
then hearts leap up, and straightway
there's open house for you,
old friends,
there's open house for you!*

open studios
come for a visit & a look-see!
studio 227
744 alabama @ 19th st.
friday night  7pm- 11pm
saturday & sunday, 12-5
it's always a good time!

And, in other fun news...
I was delighted to be interviewed by the fabulous team at Lightbox SF! They do a wonderful series of postings, talking to artists who open their doors and minds, to get an inside glimpse of small business owners at work.  Lightbox SF makes it their mission "to give you the information, tools, and confidence to make your creative business succeed. We are teachers, coaches, and cheerleaders."

*author, gerald massey

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