Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Modern Life

I thought these were amazing.  (You can get them for yourself at their website)

They made me feel safe about all this, which I desperately needed.
Truth be told, I'm scared to death of turning into a complete dolt with mush for brains because of apps and texts and hash-tags, and googling even the most simplest of thoughts.  In this post alone, I've already had to use spell check.  Lordy!

Since getting an iphone in October, I have become a twitter-er, a complete addict to an iphone app called instagram, and a constant checker of the screen.  That's right.  Doesn't matter what screen, computer or iphone, I have a difficult time going long periods without checking the latest.
The latest what you ask?
Well, I'm not really sure.  The latest moment in other people's lives, I suppose.
I know it keeps me quite distracted from my own, which doesn't always feel like such a bad thing.  Yet, I was the biggest moaner and groaner of this new frontier when it all started happening. 

And here I am.

And, I continue to moan:  I miss the connections in person.  I miss the urge to make phonecalls.  I miss letter writing, real paper letter writing.  I miss listening to just my own thoughts every once in awhile.  And I miss the time I used to have.

But!... in thinking about how to better communicate the brand of my business, I realize it's a growing tool that I need to manage, should enjoy and do appreciate (in it's own way).

For now, it exists, I exist with it.  One might call it a love/hate relationship.

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