Monday, September 12, 2011

Two Big Events in One Small Town

When it rains, it pours and it's pouring this coming weekend...
I'd already signed up for the ever exciting Rock Make Festival when our Open Studios, at Art Explosion, were then announced on the same weekend!  But I'm making them both happen and looking forward to the totally different experiences they are.

First and Foremost:  Rock Make Festival, in it's 4th year, is a rocking and rolling street fair with a band stage at either end of the closed off street in the Mission.  I've gone to check it out every year and always thought, 'I should do this!'  So, I've enlisted RK and we're going in with style!  I'll be hawking wares of far and near, somethings brand new, others are old favorites.  RK will be hawking his organic dog biscuits and showing the world how a real dog should be 'treated'!  His dog treats are always a big hit and now it's time to introduce them to the rock&roll kids that cruise the Festival.  And our big treat for that day, if it all works out, is to take photobooth-style polaroids of peeps and their dogs in our booth. 

Surrounding the outdoor festival is Art Explosion's Open Studios weekend.  I'll be doing OS on the Friday night, which is always a fantastic party, missing it on Saturday (where you'll find me at Rock Make) and then again on Sunday, for a final wrap-up of all those people who haven't yet made it through.  Open Studios is always a great gathering, bring a whole lot of random, fabulous people together just to talk about art.  It's great feedback and exciting to see so many artists in their element with their doors wide open to the public!  It's a gallery show explosion and so much fun!


Christina said...

Go Molly & RK!! Very exciting! Will try to make both for sure! xo

donzoni said...


looks good, mol.

love the website, RK. need to expand that list of where to find you!