Friday, September 23, 2011

it's just like that

If you had told me twenty years ago that as I grow older, time would get faster,  I wouldn't have believed you.  It won't be speeding up for everyone, you tell me, just myself and the people my age and people older than me.  The kids I teach, the hipsters that hang out at Dolores Park, the young sons and daughters of friends, they won't have the same concept of time, therefore, their 24 hours a day will last much longer than mine.  I won't be able to do all that needs to get done while I'm awake.  I will never feel bored again and I will wish for more than seven days in a normal week.  I will look forward to the weekends, when I can work on my own time.  If you had told me this feeling of not enough time vs. how much needs to get done can be so overwhelming you freeze.  In mid-thought.  And just decide to eat a grilled cheese and read Vanity Fair until you finish every article.  Well, i Just wouldn't have believed you.
This concept is now nothing but a reality.  And some days, it's really quite difficult to swallow.

I know my mom will tell me "i TOLD you that!" and my dad will say, "isn't it weird?", while my older siblings can only shake their head in acknowledgement.  Some days, it doesn't pay to even think about it, let alone give into it.  Some days, it's better to just believe all our 24 hours are the same.

(video:  a big blog thanks to a woman who seems to have 72 hours in her 24 and shares it with the world)


paige said...

I love, "I am not finished yet, I still have a tattoo to get."

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

"If you had told me this feeling of not enough time vs. how much needs to get done can be so overwhelming you freeze."


Someone told me that the reason time goes by so much slower when you are young is because you are constantly learning new things, having new experiences. When we get older, our days have a sameness that makes the time go by faster...

Which made me want to go learn new things and do different things, if I could just find the time.

Shelly Kerry said...

Oh Molly I love this immensely! Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to listen to it everyday until I forget.

golriz said...

I've felt this way more with every passing year. Beautifully said.

car said...

every time a friend tells me about their kids starting another grade in school, I always think, "wait, how old am I again?" :)