Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Contagious

I think this video has probably been making the rounds for a couple of years, but I just saw it this morning and it made me smile ear to ear. I am this guy. This guy is me: At every concert, at the sound of any good music wafting through the air, in a shop that's rocking tunes, I can't help but move to the groove.  When I'm listening to my walkman and headed down the street, I'm barely making a straight line for all the foot stepping and arm waving that's taken over my body.  I wouldn't have joined this guy on the grass that day, I would have already been dancing to the music, too busy to notice a crowd had gathered.

(thanks to RK who always picks me up when he shows me a great little video and loves me because the music moves me)


Kit said...

OMG, how amazing is this??!!!???

I've never seen it before - and I LOVE IT!! :)

Thanks for sharing. :)

MOgull said...

Hey, that is my boy, Taylor!!!!!! Kidding... but it could be him.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Love this! This guy is so into his own joy, and it spreads all around to others - event to the guy in red speedo!

Being authentic and joyful and sharing that - sounds a lot like Molly.

Happy weekend!