Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A kid by any other name

If Stella were my kid, which she's not, I totally realize that, don't worry,
but IF she were my kid, she's the best kid I could hope for.

the stella coat, priceless

It's not that she's perfect, I don't believe in perfect, that would be silly, and stupid, and inane, and a way to drive yourself crazy, 'cuz perfect doesn't exist, but she's really awfully close.  The good, the bad, the lack of wetting the bed, the lack of crying all night, or talking back to me... it's all there.  She's a good friend, she's a bit of a soothing therapist, she sleeps in like a log and she's totally potty trained.  The list is endless and I only wish that everyone could have a kid dog this fabulous. 


Kit said...

Our human children have flown the nest (so to speak) and now we have only fur children at home - so I understand what you mean.

So glad you have Stella - she looks well - perfect. :)

Rachel said...

stella!! give her a good tummy rub for me!! love it!

paige said...

Once upon a time, a guy on the plane asked me if I was going to have kids... I said I wasn't so sure I was going to. His response, "You have to have kids, to experience the unconditional love."

And I said, "No, I have a dog to experience unconditional love. Kids are completely conditional... one wrong move and they scream they hate you. There is no guarantee that they will even want you around after you sacrifice your life for them... but a dog... a dog will love you always."

And that Stella coat IS priceless. I think it demands a photo shoot :)

Anonymous said...

You can tell Stella knows that you two are perfect! Look at that smile, and those bright eyes! You both got some serious love going on, and that makes me smile!

Julie B.