Sunday, May 3, 2009

what i like about nature and why it will always outlast us

All of nature is SO much cooler than me. Really, cooler than anyone I know. It made itself abundantly obvious to me today, low grey clouds filling the sky and giving off great light to these little nooks and crannies. I actually got down on my hands and knees to pay honor to them all.

Nature is Soooo cool.
Hoooow cooool IS it?!

Nature is so cool that, even though we city folk try to cram a little bit of it into our version of where nature should exist, it breaks on through. Yeah, you may plant me over there but then I'm just gonna tell some of my friends to pop up over here! That's right. We don't have to be confined.

Weeds. You know it really hit to me today why people hate them so much. It's because they're totally FREE!A woman bends close to gray concrete,
Watering the weeds that grow between the sidewalk cracks.
Some would call her insane.

But she is witness to the life that bends,
Twists and grows determinedly
green in a gray, unwelcoming place.

She waters weeds between sidewalk cracks,
aiding, honoring, paying tribute to
the life of hope.

--from the book: Common Threads
Weeds can grow anywhere they want, and they usually do. They're living the life I've always wanted. I could practically hear them singing today, "don't fence me in..." And they've got just as much gravitas as the next flower over. And they alllll know it.

And I like when trees decide to just go all hulk on us around here.Oh really? You think we're not stronger than your silly cement? Your attempts to keep all dirt underground and put nature in a box?...silly fools, I'm a tree, dammit! and I've got big roots! and if you want me to grow big and strong and beautiful, you ain't gonna try to friggin contain me, too!

In my head, nature's voice can get pretty cantankerous, but in a really proud, awesome way. Heck, we take some serious amounts of nature for granted on this earth, I'd be cantankerous too.


lotta said...

lovely photos, lovely sentiment. thank you.

cinner said...

Beautiful photos and your right nature always has one up on us. take care

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Really wonderful post...

julochka said...

i love the weeds in the sidewalk too. everyone else on our street is out burning them off and raking the little strip of sand beside the sidewalk. we let grass take our over and think that the weeds add nice color between the sidewalk blocks.

go nature!!!

Extranjera said...

But when you actually plant a tree in the back yard and it refuses to put in roots and you water and water, and keep adjusting it back up, what's up with that...
It is that whole cantankerous nature thing, isn't it? You just can't win. What are humans for if not controlling all of nature? Dammit.

montague said...

amen! my husband and i have been watching planet earth the past few days and i have to say that you are one hundred percent right! nature is amazing.

Molly said...

Lotta said it! Lovely pics, and thoughts. Thank you

Bonbon Oiseau said...

excellent weed post
i love it! i was never sure why everyone always wanted to kill dandelions in the burbs...huh..and that poem is beeyooteeful!

and in answer to the comment you left for me: yes please...will you be here for the gift show?
email me moll! bonbonoiseau at aol dot com!

Ellen Zachos said...

Ah, a post after my own heart! And thanks for including so many edibles in there, whether you did it on purpose or not! I made dandelion petal cookies yesterday afternoon.

♡Karafina♡ said...

nature is so these photos!

comfies said...

oh such beautiful pics, mol. and the sentiment, too. xoxo.