Wednesday, May 6, 2009

hold on

Isn't it interesting that we spend so much of our childhood in each other's laps, or holding hands, or walking in partners, but spend so much of our adult life avoiding contact?

Little kids have no personal space.
Nope, none whatsoever.
The kids I work with, so comfortably take one another's hands when crossing the street, or partnering up in games. They never seem to mind the crowding 'round when it's reading time, they take it to heart. Most of them give out hugs freely.

I don't know at what age that changes. And do we change it about ourselves, or does an adult plant that seed in our head? 'Cuz, at some point in life, we decide that there is such a thing as personal space. We have a pretty clear idea how close we let certain people get.

And then we either live with that, or spend time breaking that space down in tiny, little ways...


Chessa! said...

you are so right. and the other day, in the madness of all the "swine flu" I saw on 20/20 or 60 of the shows, this school who doesn't allow the kids to touch. No hugging, no high-five-ing, no tag! you're it! no contact whatsoever. the kids pretend to high-five and hug and shake hands. it's so sad.
it's so important to have contact and connection...and it starts from a young age.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

this is very sweet moll....i'd hold hands immediately with anyone as long as they seemed to want to hold mine too. but maybe that's my problem. maybe we develop that radar which lets us sense whether we're going to get into a lot of trouble or maybe not get into a lot of trouble...or get our feelings hurt or maybe might just be from having an underdeveloped radar when we were kids. i liked this quote by hemigway: the only way to know if you can trust someone is to trust them...happy weekend.

Innerspace Yoga said...

i myself am tactile defensive. i so hate hugging. the only people i care to hug are hubby & my son. from an early age, you could see me cringing away from huggers in photos. love your blog! thanks!