Monday, May 25, 2009

daily routines

Kingsley Amis
The Paris Review, Winter 1975

Do you have a daily routine?

Yes. I don’t get up very early. I linger over breakfast reading the papers, telling myself hypocritically that I’ve got to keep with what’s going on, but really staving off the dreadful time when I have to go to the typewriter. That’s probably about ten-thirty, still in pajamas and dressing gown. And the agreement I have with myself is that I can stop whenever I like and go and shave and so on. In practice, it’s not till about one or one-fifteen that I do that—I usually try and time it with some music on the radio. Then I emerge, and nicotine and alcohol are produced. I work on until about two or two-fifteen, have lunch, then if there’s urgency about, I have to write in the afternoon, which I really hate doing—I really dislike afternoons, whatever’s happening. But then the agreement is that it doesn’t matter how little gets done in the afternoon. And later on, with luck, a cup of tea turns up, and then it’s only a question of drinking more cups of tea until the bar opens at six o’clock and one can get into second gear. I go on until about eight-thirty and I always hate stopping. It’s not a question of being carried away by one’s creative afflatus, but saying, “Oh dear, next time I do this I shall be feeling tense again.”

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Maggie May said...

Great, great!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

did you write this to make us all feel a little better about our own disorganized day? because it worked.
love it. love kingsley amis.

leni said...

i just discovered your blog a love it! great posts!

kira said...

i love that! makes me relieved to know that forcing oneself to sit the fuck down and write already is not a unique position to be in. also, that i should be adding alcohol to the mix far earlier in the day. score one, kingsley! (and molly!)