Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hare & Hounds, pt2

I used to love treasure hunts when I was younger. Apparently, there's a group here in SF that does them for random, perhaps partner-seeking, adults, as well. But, they never sounded like my thing.
Treasure hunts are like the game Simon Says, but with stuff. I actually really dig both those things. And hate 'em at the same time. Inevitably, somebody loses. And I like winning.

Luckily, for others who feel the same way, at Hare and The Hounds show this weekend everybody who plays, wins. I speak from experience, fabu, good -time, show. One of the best. Firstly, it's at 18 Reasons, which has evolved into this cool little spot in the 'hood that is a really great hang no matter what's going on there. Secondly, it' s being curated by Mike McConnell, who's a truly fantastic artist. It's a multiple-hour treasure hunt that has a banging b-b-q on the sidewalk, serious neighborhood style, right up my alley.

It's described as an art-based scavenger hunt. We make one piece of art for one wall and then make a map for the other wall. Anyone that likes your work can buy that piece on the wall. And anyone who is craving your map (and maps range from videotapes to bottles of rum with cryptic messages on the bottom), can purchase it, follow it, and have it lead them to the final "treasure": a piece of your work. My favorite part is making the map ...well, the actual day of fun is pretty hard to beat. This year, I made it short and sweet.

First, I had to plot it out a bit...

but I knew I wanted to use these old math problem cards

The funny old questions on the front of the card influenced what I ended up typing on the back side for the hunter to do...

I end up sending them up and down the same street, which I just love the thought of...because they'll be paying attention to things they might not otherwise have...or maybe they'll shake hands with someone in the park (per one of my directions) and start a conversation...You don't know until they show up at the gallery again an hour or more later. I love the idea of them having this little journey I've outlined...but surely not planned.

Well, chalk one up for treasure hunts, total randomness can happen.

I can't wait for this one.


cinner said...

That really sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you have a great time. Take care, cinner

montague said...

this is SO fun! i loved treasure hunts as a kid!