Monday, July 28, 2008

A House Stroll

A few months ago I visited my friend, Jon, at his home. I'd never been there and it took me a good half hour before I could sit down and relax because I was freaking out about his fantastic, strange and wonderful taste in decorating.

Everything was so unusual and fabulous, old, once-useful-as-it's-original-something-else-pieces, re-invented as something else.

If you want to see more of Jon's rad pad, click here.
And it put me in mind of this latest find. I'm a huge peeping tom, so it fits right into my happiness. So juicy.


Christina said...

oh nice. love looking into other peoples homes. this makes me both want to redecorate my house and lie down on that nice leather couch! :)

katharinestyle said...

Wow! I have the same old stand-up radio. My grandfather bought it brand new way back then. I've never seen another!...PS, I'm a friend of Sarah Keefe's :-)