Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ha ha, you said 'duty'

So, it happened. The system caught up with me. Just four short years I've been in this state and I'm headed in for jury duty.
RK and I got summoned at the same time: You call in each day, listen to a recorded message and either go in or breeze on by. RK got to breeze on by (though, he did remind me that he's served his civic duty once already while we've been here). I got called in for tomorrow morning at 8:45 am. It put me in mind of my old jury duty days in NYC. I ended up writing a little book about it, self-published, of course, with all sorts of tiny observations and quirky stories. I called it The Grand Jury Duty Diaries. Serving on the Grand Jury is totally different than regular jury duty. It's everyday for a month and there's no getting out of it. The Grand Jury is made up of a varied demographic from all walks of life, and it's the deciding factor of who does and doesn't go to trial. It was the 'varied demographic' that kept me more interested than the cases:

And then there was Kim.

Kim is one of the court clerks we get after Joe takes off for knee surgery. I liked Joe, but I prefer the "show" of Kim. She's the best dressed woman with rolls around her middle that I've ever seen.
She's like a high-powered hooker doing time in the court room.
Her shirts are beyond tight.
Her cleavage welcomes us in most days. And her pants wrap around her like painted on snake skin. She's incredible looking.
Today she's wearing a cream colored wool sleeveless dress -- painted on from her neck to her knees.

She's always in higher than high heels. I would kill myself, or at the very least, break something in those things...but she always pulls it off.
Maybe she was a back-up singer for some fabulous soul band in a former life...
She looks like she doesn't give a damn.
But damn, she looks good.

I guess, if I have to serve some time in the jury box, at least I could start a new story.

The bigger drag is that it means I don't get my final Wednesday with Jack. I was looking forward to tomorrow 'cuz we were gonna paint the Sunset (district) red one last time.
It'll have to be next time, jackalope! When you're just a smidge older, I'll regale you with stories of duty!


Laura said...

I would very seriously buy that book.

lotta said...

I am so glad I discovered your blog, thanks to you visiting mine! I love reading about Tour de Fat, getting to know Jack (what a cute baby) and Jon's wonderful abodes. Thank you for sharing!