Friday, May 30, 2008

Songs in A&E

True love will find you in the end
You'll find out just who was your friend
Don't be sad, I know you will,
But dont give up until
True love will find you in the end
This is a promise with a catch
Only if you're looking can it find you
'Cause true love is searching too
But how can it recognize you
Unless you step out into the light?
Don't be sad i know you will
But don't give up until
True love finds you in the end.

I realize, I probably should have known who Spiritualized and Jason Pierce
were before yesterday...but, I didn't. And now, I'm so glad I do. I heard them on KCRW's "morning becomes eclectic" and I was pretty transfixed. This song especially stuck with me.


Laura said...

Got here through StumbleUpon and fell in love with your writing and cards. Subscribing to your RSS feed!

Christina said...

love this and hadn't heard of them either. although the song sounds familar- is it a cover? so pretty.