Saturday, May 10, 2008

my mom and dad rock

Oh, come on!
That's my mom and dad right up front and center and I just cannot get over how fabulous they look! Not as in, 'oh, look how young they are!' but from a struggling fashion-lover point of view, I know girls who would kill for that outfit Kick is wearing! And those glasses my pop is sporting are unbelievable! I'm taking this photo in the next time I go to get a haircut:

'Hi Molly, do you have any ideas about your hair? What you'd like to do with it?'
'Yeah {whip out photo}, just cut it like my mothers'

Another friend of theirs just sent them this old photo and they emailed it on to me. And now, it's probably residing on the fridge door at home. Another classic has been discovered.

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