Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jewelry Makin', jewelry jewelry makin'

I've been working on some jewelry lately. Feels a little weird, 'cuz I was never one for making jewelry. And I worked in my sister's jewelry business for almost ten years. But I ran the business side of things, trying to keep as far away from a jewelry making tool as possible. I never understood the enjoyment of cutting chain and attaching a headpin to a bead or trying to make a round loop out of said straight pin. And yet, here I find myself, lo these many years later, tootling along with a needle nose pliers and a chain cutter in my hand. I've had a blast doing it. It's actually really relaxing, trying to figure out something new. I'm happy with the results even...wondering what to do with all these pieces now. Sure, I guess I could just add them to my own ever-expanding collection of 'jewels'--but, after showing (and then happily giving away) to friends the first four pair of earrings I made, I'm kind of excited to put the pieces out to others. I don't know, maybe it's bound for my Etsy shop, but I like to think that a real shop, where people can pick up the pieces and try them on might be more conducive to this little (and probably temporary) flourish.


Christina said...

LOVE those necklaces!

comfies said...

i think you have a bit of a magical touch with the jewelry - as with most things! not surprising to me at all!