Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a gorgeous day. The weather is warm and fuzzy in the sun and cooler in the shade. I laid in bed this morning until the phone rang at 9am (RK is away for the weekend and it's hard for me to go to bed early or get up early without him) it was M&M going to our favorite coffee joint, wondering if i'd join them. Of course! It's not the joint itself we love, but the coffee at this place is like a drug, and then getting to hang out with their little bebe, J., is an even better drug! M. also brought me birthday goodies (she'd already outdone herself with my bday, but she's such a good gift giver, i accepted the bounty of today)--three really juicy old books she'd found. The above photo being the cover of one of them. The subtitle to Happy Times is actually, "the road to safety". And there's all kinds of good stuff to use for cards and upcoming art pieces. Lucky, lucky me! We lazily made our way up to Cliff's Hardware (which, yes, I admit it, is like another drug for me--so, by now, i'm ALL doped up!) and puttered around for nails and tacks and bits and pieces. I talked glass cutting with Lissette, who works there, and she showed me all their old tools and it made me think I might get into cutting my own glass for frames.

I've been doing some long hours at the studio, which feels SO great. Yesterday was a good full day of it. I'm working on a few different things, I think I've mentioned a billion times. I just added a new one in: I'm going to submit to a show called "Childish Things" at 301 Bocana Gallery. And this whole theme of childhood and memories and what was and whats now comes up a lot for me lately. So, I've almost finished this piece with carbon drawings on old school paper...hard to explain, will need to photograph it, i think. I made a small card line with similar images and ideas. This is one example: Christina stopped by the studio yesterday and that was really fun. We blabbed and blabbed and then had burritos and beer in the empty gallery space and then headed back into the studio and crafted some more. I'd love to do that more often, have friends come by and just hang and work on stuff. I think with Open Studios coming up it'll really open things up (no pun intended, actually).

I'm all over the place--and I just looked at the clock! OhmY! I've got to run and pick up RK from the airport! Yeah! Happy Sunday!

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