Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Early Morning Harvest

There's so many things going on, sometimes to sit and post is just a pure pleasure that I can't afford--but, I'm doing it anyway!
I'm working at a spring-break camp this week with elementary school kids and we're working on a public art project that we hope to put up/install/present in Dolores Park on Friday. I brought in the movie "Rivers and Tides" about Andy Goldsworthy's work and it's completely inspired them (which is a beautiful thing to watch) and now they only want to work with the natural elements provided by the park. Unfortunately, it's taken a few conversations to let them know that "natural"colors aren't usually rainbow. At least not growing in the park...

I'm also preparing (cuz I'm a last minute lady like that) for the upcoming group show on Thursday, Constructions, which I'll post details about again tomorrow. But, for now, I wanted to give a glimpse of another piece I've finished. It was really hard to capture on film, so I did little details of it. It's called "Harvesting Doubt" (one of my favorite "accidents" is that you can see the words "there is nothing wrong with you--forget it!" on one of the book pages I've lined the box with. Those pages come from a book called You Must Relax, a classic)
It's a wooden box with an old primer card that I've typed on and in each little vellum envelope, are little seeds with doubt written on each one. The seeds of doubt have planting directions, as well, of course: Plant early, direct sun, etc. Everything to keep doubt in full bloom. Because I wrote on hundreds of these little seeds, I have a ton of extra ones that I'd like to start giving out to people whenever they have a doubt about something...they can smash their own seeds of doubt. Lately, I've felt like I could keep a pocketful for myself, too!

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Christina said...

i LOVE this one so much Molly- did it sell last night?