Friday, April 27, 2007

Apropos of nothing

Where to begin?
My head is a spinning... so many things, so many things. I thought I'd take this opportunity to put all those things out there.

First off, the house finches are coming 'round. Which is awesome. We've had a bird feeder up since December (it was a xmas gift from dad to RK) and finally they're making their way to the seed. It's exciting on a daily basis. We talk to them, recognize the different male and female couples, and watch them in great detail as the separate the husk from the seed. They're awesome. The starlings are also building a nest inside an old vent on our building, near our window. It's been an interesting study of their relationship. More on that as it progresses.

The Art Span Auction happened last night. It's the first auction I donated to when I moved to SF and have donated to ever since. The last two years, my pieces have sold, which was awesome. And, this year, to my surprise, my piece was actually in the live auction. So, while the auctioneer called out "300, i hear 300, 350? do i hear 350?" and my heart was pumping, i was seeing little paddles flying up in the piece sold for $475. That felt good. I was nervous. What if no one bid? Turns out, the woman standing in front of us just held her paddle in the air until it got to $450...and so, i went up to her and said, "really? you really wanted that piece?" and she said 'yes' and on and on and we got to talking... and it made me think, hell, maybe I'll keep doing this! It was crazy. I don't know who actually bought the piece, but I hope to meet them someday. I'm always curious about someone that pays a lot of money for a piece of mine. I wonder, what part of it spoke to them? What was it that they read into it? I love that random connection. So, it was a good night. I went with RK and Dylan and they both had a crazy time (An open bar will do that to you!). I love being in that "art world"-- meeting all those people I admire and to be among them, what a fun honor.

And, apropos of nothing, Thrift town, which is just below my studio, is selling coats. They're claiming they're rabbit. And they are made in China. My friend, Ro and I went in and gave each coat a good feel over. Trust me, they're not rabbit. They are probably dog. In fact, they are probably chow dog (sorry C&K, but they have the exact same coat as Emmy!). They're intense. Not only are they gracing the windows of Thrift Town, but there are many, many more available for $29.99 in the shop. I LOVE Thrift Town, but this might just cross the line of wrong.

And, finally, I had wanted to do a simple post of two really great quotes, but thought they might fit in here, this 'apropos of nothing' post, they might just be right...though, i must admit, i hope they don't get lost in all this other stuff (and i can't find the other quote! i can't believe it!). But this one is fabulous:

"To cure jealousy is to see it for what it tis--a dissatisfaction with self, an impossible claim that one should be at once Rose Bowl princess, medieval scholar, Saint Joan, Milly Theale, Temple Drake, Elanor of Aquitaine, one's sister and a stranger in a pink hat seen once and admired on the corner of 55th and Madison, as well as oneself, mysteriously improved." -- Joan Didion

That quote got me thru a lot of years....
The other quote is about second thoughts and how they are the worst...I hope I can find it and pass it on. Fingers crossed.

May you have a fantastic Friday. I'm off to teach two classes of fifth and sixth grade, give a spelling test, and show a movie. When did the universe switch, so that I'm the one giving the tests and showing the movies on a friday morning at school (where are the "adults"?!)? Strange, indeed.

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