Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WORKSHOP : San Francisco

I feel like this may be the beginning of a major new chapter...
After teaching in Los Angeles, New York and France, I'm finally leading my first San Francisco-based workshop,

Women's Building, 18th Street

Besides learning how to construct this very cool, old-fashioned  style book, you will receive all the  materials to work with.  I've gone deep into the vast resources of my studio collections, some items dating back to the 1800's, and put together an entire ephemera kit (that I can't seem to stop adding to!) for you to collage with.
Good, juicy stuff you don't want to miss!
I'll be posting images all week on the 8mm ideas Facebook Page, in  case you need more enticement...

Workshops are a fabulous way to get your creative on with a group of  like-minded peeps!  It gets us off line and into each others creative space, up close and personal.  I never thought I was one for group crafting, but I've learned the fun way, thanks to my good friend Holly, who took me to my very first workshop.  And, to my sister Kaari, who was the first one to start asking me to teach to adults.  I taught for years to kids, it seemed sorta similar and dubiously daunting (exactly).  And I've got my friend, T, to thank for getting me into classes that impressed me enough to want to also lead.
I've loved every workshop I've led:  It has been a thrill.

And that's why I'm so excited to do it here, on my own, creating the space...I'm renting a room at the Women's Building and it is gorgeous.  HUGE half domed windows, overlooking 18th Street, beautiful light, wide open room, in a building with so much history.  For just 3 short hours, one Sunday in October, I plan to turn it into a creative workshop space you won't want to leave.

If you don't happen to live in SF, but know someone who does, feel free to share the word.

Class size is limited.
So get it while the getting is good!


Anonymous said...

To all readers who might be vacillating, don't.
Go and experience craft, through the wonderful eyes, true vision and Molly's enlightened sense of humor!
Molly in Workshop is pure energy and joy! Get there if you can.
Go on now, enjoy yourself!

Rose Brier Studio said...

I totally agree with the above comment -- do sign up. It will be amazing!

I wish I could join you dude, I'd love to be there.