Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sofia means Wisdom

Sometimes, I get a nervous feeling about moving to LA.  I compare things to SF, the same way I compared SF to NYC.  For SO many years.  Now, I realize, there are so many things I grew to love, I know I'll miss. 
So,  I want to make great strides, grand gestures, and cast my net wide to explore and grow to love LA.  I believe you're never too old to start again, there's always a new path to discover and hell, if you don't go in, you'll never find out.

Then, my sister texts me this photo

and it hit me deep in the gut, I remembered instantly why I want to move to LA.
Experiencing my niece and her incredible zest for new and love for friends, her joy at creating a Halloween costume, her unbridled passion for learning about things/people/ and places,  her unbelievable understanding of others at age 15,  and her total and complete get-up-and-go at all get-up-and-go opportunities, experiencing these things in person are incredibly powerful and life-affirming.  That may sound overly-dramatic, I guess, but I don't care one whit.  When I'm around Sofia, life feels really charged with goodness.

Of course you must have realized by now, the girl in the photo I'm referring to, my niece Sofia is not one of the girls in the audience with her arms crossed, she is the girl who is bouncing into the photo, with Panda Pride, as the school mascot.
High School Pep Rally:  Only Sofia can make it look so good.


Anonymous said...

You're right Molly...you don't want to miss another day of Sofia's life.....just yesterday she was graduating from kindergarten and before we know it, she'll be in college.......too fast, too fast.....she's one of the besht things in L.A....hurry down here.....Mom

Rose Brier Studio said...

I don't care what a single person says negatively about LA, I truly love it. Having grown up there I do know the bad as well as the good. And while I might not live there again (all my family has left), I say, go for it girl. YOu've got such a loving support team, it will be amazing.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...


Yes, it's the zest!

Life can often become so mundane, we can forget to move with joy and wonder and ZEST!

Moving to a new place gives you that feeling - everything is a discovery, the new market, the new people, the new way. All that newness makes you so aware of, well, life.

It's a scary move, but a wonderfully powerful thing, too!