Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Think Beautiful

Announcements were published.
A call was out.
The people responded, and
A book was made of the most beautiful people in the world.
The interpretation of beautiful was left completely up to each individual.

The one thing the author found, time and time again, was that the people that wholly believed they were beautiful, were also, seemingly, the happiest people in the world. He found this from people that were living under a plastic sheet with no water, from people who were paid a few cents on the hour, and from people who you wouldn't normally associate with the feeling happiness. Because they felt beautiful, in whatever way they defined beauty, they appeared to grant themselves a sense of serenity we call happy.

I was mesmerized yesterday afternoon, as I sat in the grocery store parking lot, listening to this happy, beautiful broadcast on my car radio.  Of course, the secret to it all.  BELIEVE you're beautiful and the rest falls into place.

And that's a happy, beautiful thing.

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Rose Brier Studio said...

ah. . . that explains it. And of course, Stephen Fry truly is gorgeous!