Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beauty Surrounds

Totally, totally, TOTALLY biased:  While I do think my dog is one of the most beautiful creatures out there, I must accept she becomes even more beautiful when in a gorgeous setting like Bernal Heights.

Meeting up with a new dog pal, Penny, the two of them roamed the hills of gorgeous-ness while the human's of us stood, stared, and talked a whole lotta dog (did you see that? did you see what she just did?! mygodisn'tshe cute/crazy/funny/adorable/hungry/hurt/happy?!?).  Life changing.  When I really allow myself to stop and think about it;  when I really question that the only people I see on a daily basis are "dog people";  when I happily admit these dog people are now totally my people;  when an old friend meets me in the park and I wind up introducing every human, and their dog, by name (and often personality) I must look into their eyes and say out loud, "Yup.  Life Changing." 
That's what Stella's done to me. 
Done to us.
She has become an absolute, integral, huuuge part of our marriage, it's true.
So, when Stella gets snooping and sniffing and leaping and flying through the tall, damp grass,
I just melt.

When I see her, just a tiny dot of gold out there in the green, I beam.

When she looks up at me,

backwards at me,
over her shoulder at me,
winks at me, peeks at me,
stares at me,
I am lit from within.

and, for a little bit more...

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McGillicutty said...

Lovely... I miss hills. and I don't walk the dogs much cos their legs are about seven inches long... or short!