Monday, February 21, 2011

One Good Kid

 We took Stella to our first owner/dog/ community meeting the other day.

 It really felt like a parent/teacher/school meeting.  It had all the elements:
Everyone paid close attention, except those who don't pay any attention at all, to their dogs
how they were getting along with others,
how they were interacting with the adults,
and when the meeting began, how controlled or out of hand your dog was while the adults talked.

It was weird.
And, it felt like a home.

It was about the politics of dog ownership and our social and political backers.

It's a whole world we're in.
Oh, we're in it.  deeper. every. passing. week.

And I'm not complaining one bit.

We do it alllll for this one...

Besides snuggling up like a little ball when she's sleeping,
Stella loves herself some outdoor time.
And, right now, the freedom of off-leash outdoor time is being threatened by some big-time reversals of off-leash laws around these parts.

And free, off-leash Stella is some of the best Stella there is.

So, we get ourselves involved.
For her sake.

 Cuz, when she's not outdoors, running free,  

I kinda feel like she's thinking about it.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...


Oh, that face. Those eyes. You do it for her, of course!

Why is this off leash thing so huge? We have parks in our city that are designated as off leash, but there are those that want to shut it down. Makes me sad because I think you're right, when they aren't there, they are thinking about it.

Thoughts for the day said...

She is so cute. I could just hug her.

Christina said...

Amazing creature.

Ellen Zachos said...

I'm going to meet Stella soon!!!

Anonymous said...

We all love Stella...even Sammy! M.

Sarah Wildfang said...

Your dog is a beauty, Molly. Enjoy the fun! We would like to have one too some day.

Mary said...

What's her breed? She looks like our golden.

She is adorable.

paige said...

I think the only political activist letter I ever wrote was when I lived in the Presidio with my dog in 2001 and the GG Park was threatening to enforce dog leash laws.

The first friends I had after I moved to this city with my dog were the dog walking friends I met in the park.

Being a city with dog friendly areas means people meet strangers and build community. And community is so important for the vitality of a city.

I am grateful you are getting involved... for you, Stella and for the community.