Thursday, November 18, 2010

Newspaper Taxi

There's a shop in Australia called Newspaper Taxi that carries my cards and just the other day did a fun little interview with me for her new blog.  Big thanks there, Stef!

Interviews are a funny thing:  I'm always fairly confident in answering the questions, and then always fairly shy about the fact that someone is reading my words without actually knowing what my voice sounds like.  Then there's the "ohyeah, i wish i'd said that or this or that other thing" when you read it in "print".  And always, in interviews, you're asked what you're listening to and who or what you're inspired by... and THOSE lists are so insanely long in my head that I tend to over list or under list.

Funny, those lists.  Funny, these interviews.  Funny, this life.

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