Monday, November 15, 2010


  First Girl at the Party is back, baby.

That's right.  I've been getting my voyeuristic gig on.
I've recently met some very cool, very inspirational, very down-to-earth artists.  One of them being Summer Makovkin of Maiden Hand.  And she let me into her lovely, stoop-envy-worthy, red-doored, lemon-tree-having, juicy haven she calls home.

It was awesome!

And it gave me a renewed excitement for First Girl at the Party ("the other blog").  I know I have a couple other people in my life right now that have extended the offer for me to venture into their personal but inspirational stories and I'm looking forward to getting back into giving. 'Cuz isn't that what a little voyeurism is all about?

Head over to First Girl At The Party and see what you're missing.  Big, big thanks out to Summer for letting me in...

1 comment:

Summer Makovkin said...

So fun to have you peer into the details of my home. I am all about details, and appreciate the attention!