Wednesday, November 17, 2010

fashion slave

 Without fail, every single time I spend any amount of time drooling over the photos on The Sartorialist, I tell myself I am going to up my fashion game starting NOW.

tee-hee. silly me.
i should stop doing that.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I have the same reaction - I look at these images and think, I could do that...then I look at myself in day three of black turtleneck black pants and think, as if.

Maybe a necklace?

billy girl said...

Mol, seriously, you DO this . . . so quit the talk and start documenting . . . if I'm not mistaken, um, it was at my house you did this most recently?! - Hello rainy version! Soooo gooood! Hence, Quit this chatter and start snapping! xx