Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday on the Stoop

We decided to have a stoop sale. 
Well, we sorta decided.
At the last minute.
But we did it.  I craigslisted it.  I even sent out an email to a few friends. 
The gist was: 
It's gonna be nice weather.  We should be outside. 
How about together? Don't buy anything from us.
But swing by.
And they did.  And it was a fantastic day.

I had a lot of excitement going into it.
I've never had a stoop sale as an adult. 
I think I've had a house sale and there was something to that.
But this had a different energy.  It felt like a real community building thing this time.  Especially when everyone in your building has some time to hang with you during the day.

I decided to really get into it. 
Titled it " A Tiny Stoop Sale", which felt like an autobiography title.  Put up a couple signs.
And made tags for many of the items.  I used card blurps (cards that printed wrong size) for the hang tags.  I wrote a thought or two about the item.  I wanted to write complete history but, in the end, didn't take the time.  The obsessive in me held back.

And when you've got good friends that stop by all day long, especially ones bearing a pitcher of home-made bloody mary's half way into your day, well it re-confirms the beauty of a stoop sale.

We had a busy morning, funny requests for things that obviously weren't there.  A neighbor in a wheelchair I see hauling around all the time, but have never met, well, he took the entire lot of New Yorkers.  Five years worth of a subscription.  On his lap!  He also took the Buzzcocks lighter that was an old relic from the NYC days and the Anatomy Coloring Book.  It got us talking and now I'll be saying 'hello!' to Burt the next time I see him.

We had a great time constantly 'styling' the sale.  Every time something sold, we'd re-assemble, re-design, re-think the energy.  And something else would sell.

I had to call it a 'Tiny Stoop Sale' because it was really, really tiny.  It didn't make a dent in anything in the house, but it did a good number on my mind for clearing out stuff.  Sometimes you gotta clear out some old  stuff to bring in some new stuff.  Whatever that stuff may be...


Ellen Zachos said...

I have always covetted that coat! If it didn't sell, I'll give you $20 if you bring it to me at Thanksgiving! Puh-lease....Molly.....

Fern and Feather said...

oh I would have been there in two shakes!! oxo!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

You have nice stuff, really nice stuff. I would have paid asking price for all of the ceramics. Not one haggle.

There is so much happiness here, it looks like such a good day with good people.

Thanks for sharing it, pass the bloody mary's!

life in a pink fibro said...

I wish I lived in your neighbourhood. I'm with Marion - I think I would have bought the lot, and requested a Bloody Mary. :-)

paige said...

Oh, the blue pitcher. I knew I should have come. Let me know if you do it again, I'll be there for sure.

Glad the New Yorkers went. That felt good.

acute angle said...

best sidewalk sale EVER! I would have gobbled up tons of stuff JUST for the magical little cards on each item. I'm a sucker for a good story.